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General Health Care

Companion Animal Dentistry Information

Summer Pet Safety Tips

Animal Parasite Council - Information about parasites and your pet

AAHA's Healthy Pet Newsletter

Removing Pet Stains and Odors

Pet First Aid Tips and Advice Pages from the AVMA

Dog Health Care

Bladder Stones in Dogs

Canine Pancreatitis

Parvovirus Information Center

Diabetes Mellitus and your Pet

Mast Cell Cancer in Dogs

Dangers of Chocolate

Puppy and Dog Behavior & Training

Crate Training Your Dog or Puppy

Dealing with Normal Puppy Behavior - Nipping/Biting

Choosing Dog Toys

Dog Meets Dog (Introductions)

Housetraining your ADULT Dog

Housetraining Your New Puppy


Solving Barking Problems

Preparing your Pet for NEW BABY

Home Alone Issues in Dogs (Separation Anxiety)

Dogs and Children

Dealing with Territorial Marking Behavior

Cat Health Care

Feline Leukemia and Cats

FIV and Cats (Feline AIDS)

Feline Hyperthyroidism

Diabetes Mellitus and your Cat

Chronic Renal Failure - Everything you Need to Know

Feline Lymphosarcoma - WSU Information pages

Cat Abscesses and Wounds

Kitten Behavior and Training

Indoor Cat Initiative at the Ohio State Veterinary School

Managing Rough Play in Kittens

Reducing Fearful Behavior in Your Cat/Kitten

Your Talkative Cat

Social Behavior and Aggression (Cats)

Solving Litter Box Problems

Reduction of Urine-Marking Behavior in Cats and Dogs

Cat Toys and How to Use Them

Cat Scratching and Destructive Behaviors

Introducing a New Cat to your Pets

What to do if you find a stray litter of kittens

Exotic Pet Care

Bearded Dragon Information Page

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